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Sometimes you just want to book yourself, You can as we have a live booking engine for you. Click below to be Re-directed to our own live booking site and go ahead. If you need help we are here for you. We love Customers



 We would love to have you call us to discuss your Vacation before booking online. We offer a better way as we actually find out what your interests and personality can bring to your vacation. A vacation of any kind needs to fit you and your families likes and try to eliminate the dislikes. Questions would help us determine what makes you, YOU and will make your custom vacation yours. Call us, Leave a message and best time to call you back and we will get you to your happy place and eliminate the mistakes you could accidently make  845-523-4500
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  1. All Inclusive Packages
    All Inclusive Packages
    We place a lot of clients in a All Inclusive 4-5 star resort and take great pride in helping them plan their precious time away from home
  2. Four and Five Star Resorts
    Four and Five Star Resorts
    The best bedding, best location, best comfort and world class cuisine all under one location with premium linens and amenities
  3.  Family Fun Package
    Family Fun Package
    Why not bring the whole Family with you, We have family friendly resorts some with water fun and activites. The kids will love you for it and everybody has fun and enjoyment
  4. Ocean or Pool - Your Choice
    Ocean or Pool - Your Choice
    Big choices to make - Should I use the pool or should I use the ocean, should I grab a cocktail or should I get a book, Should I get a snack or a full course meal. No hurry