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"I am real glad to work with John Miller as my Travel Planner. I knew where i wanted to go but could not put each step together without having some things not matching up as far as times go. He took a few days to get back to me but he had what i asked for and coordinated the times perfectly. He showed me all the extras that i could do while on Vacation and i chose a few that i wanted and my budget was on point. I won’t try to book my own Travel again, There is too much to learn!"Jean Taylor Richmond, Creative Artist
"What a Vacation we had. Did not have too many ideas and then we talked to Mr.Miller by phone. He was far away from where we lived but he assured us it did not matter where we were from, He provides Vacations to anyone in the United States. He called and asked a bunch of questions to kind of shape the places we could go. He called this qualifying and when he was done he made several suggested Vacation Destinations. I wanted to go to all of them because they fit our lifestyle and wishes. One Trip at a time and ready to book again."Mrs. Susan Stewart, Marketing
" Me and my husband love Cruising but did not like or trust booking them ourselves and the big companies that so called *help* you book were not much help at all. Some were rude while others did not seem to care what i was asking for only what they could sell me. I found a website for Cruising and it had his and his wife’s picture on his site. He said I want people to know who they are working with, Sort of personal Touch. He suggested we try a different Cruise line as it seemed to ” Fit ” better for our age group. No ones ever told us that the Ship should fit you comfortably. Most Cruise lines will never suggest another Company, They would be fired. Boy was we happy with this choice and we met some old friends on this Ship. Going back on this Cruise ship in May to meet new Friends and the Millers are our Travel Agents."Beatrice Williams,
A bunch of friends wanted to do a Reunion Cruise to see the Mediterraneans Italy, France, Greece and we tried to plan every step and always ran into a snag of some kind. This would be a Multi Destinations Tour and every step had to work out. There was 12 of us. A girlfriend had suggested we call a relative of her’s who had a small Travel agency who books all kinds of Travel, Cruises, Resorts, Hotels Etc. We called the 800 number and John called us back and we talked for a hour about all the steps we had to take. 4 days later he called me back, told me all the details and timing and asked for the chance to book our trip. He had a good budget and even threw in some extra gifts. We needed Airfares, Hotels before and after the Cruise, The Cruise itself and some places to tour and see. He had charged a $200.00 fee to help with the task and it was well worth it. Not one problem came up but if it did he said call him and he will take care of it. Going to Travel with the Group in November, Thank You John Miller!"The Travel Nuts Group,
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Sometimes you just want to book yourself, You can as we have a live booking engine for you. Click below to be Re-directed to our own live booking site and go ahead. If you need help we are here for you. We love Customers



 We would love to have you call us to discuss your Vacation before booking online. We offer a better way as we actually find out what your interests and personality can bring to your vacation. A vacation of any kind needs to fit you and your families likes and try to eliminate the dislikes. Questions would help us determine what makes you, YOU and will make your custom vacation yours. Call us, Leave a message and best time to call you back and we will get you to your happy place and eliminate the mistakes you could accidently make  845-523-4500